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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

So...I have a question for you guys. But first, some background.

I'm building--in place--a huge solid oak bar-style counter top for a customer. It's 166" it is too long to build off-site and transport. However, all of that being done inside the house means creating lots of wood chips and sawdust (The really fine sawdust that gets into everything, including the duct work). So, to mitigate the big mess inside a customer's house, I erect a huge plastic containment barrier so that I don't fill the entire house with super fine sawdust. They are a commercially available product...which It is basically a great big tent made from plastic with real self-sealing walk-through doors (complete with windows so you can see out)

Now for some backstory. When I arrived yesterday, there were some boxes on the porch...from some delivery of some kind (didn't pay attention, I just brought the boxes inside because the customer is gone for the week and didn't figure they wanted them sitting on the porch all week.) Anyway...when I arrived today, there was a note on the door, presumably from a neighbor, stating that the delivery service had delivered the boxes to the wrong house, and asked if they could retrieve their boxes.

Now back to my story...

So, I got the counter top all sanded and ready for stain. Because I was going to be staining inside my plastic tent, I wore my respirator (see my author Bio if you want know my history with toxic chemicals in confined spaces)

I also wore some blue latex gloves so that the dye in the stain wouldn't stain my hands for the next three weeks, especially right now with everybody being panicked about people with dirty hands...

Some of you brighter ones might see where this is going...but don't get ahead of me.

So, just as I'm stirring the can of stain for the counter, (which is located just inside the front door)...I hear somebody driving up. I see through the window of the tent and the window in the front door, that it is probably the neighbors come to retrieve their boxes. So, I start to put the lid back on the stain and head to retrieve their boxes. As I emerge from the tent I see the sheer panic in the eyes of the person standing on the other side of the front door. I realize that he could see me through the window as I emerged from the tent -- that looks eerily similar to the tent where the scientists attempted desperately to revive ET.

Anyway, I thought it would be funny--while still wearing my respirator and gloves--to swing open the front door. Oops. Before I can blink the dude is in a full sprint back to his car. I tried my best to holler through my respirator, "Don't you want your boxes?"

He just shouted "You keep 'em" and then he gave his wife whiplash getting out of the driveway.


He had one thing correct...I'm a very sick puppy.

So...the aforementioned question. Do you think God has a sense of humor...or am I going straight to hell?

Copyright Anthony Arvin 2020. If you enjoy the senseless musings of a very sick puppy, I'll try to put up a new one every week. See it at

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1 Comment

Anthony Arvin, God GAVE you that quirky, wonderful sense of humor, for which we are ALL very grateful!!

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