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Stories and art communicate directly to the heart. This series of books is a powerful example. The heart-warming letters and short stories are easy to read and hard to put down. The author, Anthony Arvin, has wonderfully unique perspectives, and his insights are inspired. 

The masterful storytelling helps to frame important things in life in a way that resonates with all ages. Parents and grandparents appreciate the nostalgia, while younger generations love the irreverent sense of humor. These books are an eclectic mix of short stories used to emphasize the importance of things like gratitude, respect, healthy relationships, and personal growth. The stories and letters in this book were gleaned from a collection of many hundreds written over nearly a quarter of a century. The wisdom they bring is timeless and the art is mesmerizing.  Prepare for a delightful ride.

Worth A Thousand Words

ISBN (softcover) 978-1-945969-00-3

Volume I


A genuinely delightful collection of thought-provoking--and sometimes hilarious--porch stories about life, jobs, growth, and not doing stupid things. This book contains 24 award-winning stories chosen out of a pool of hundreds of letters, short stories, and anecdotes written over nearly a quarter of a century.

The art in the book is as profound as the stories. The illustrations are stunning, and the children will steal your heart. A throwback from old-school illustrators, Anthony brings a Norman Rockwell vibe in his art. You can't help but feel a connection to the children. The illustrations drive home poignant points in the book and provide an opportunity to pause and reflect. People rave about the book, but when they get their copy out to show others, it is the art they show first.

Worth a Thousand Words is the feel-good book of the season and makes a perfect gift.


Get the gift of joy ... For yourself and others.

Volume II.png
What's Not to Trust?


Volume II

In the follow up to his first book, Anthony brings more of the great humor, insights, and wisdom, along with those stunning illustrations. 

What's not to trust is named after a hilarious story, from the author's youth, about a cantankerous burro named "Bucky." It is a crowd favorite, and the antics of this mischievous critter will put a chuckle in your throat and a smile on your face.

It is one of the 22 letters and short stories contained in the book. And, as before, the old school illustrations bring a sense of nostalgia that, by itself, is worth the price of the book.

Release anticipated in 2021. Get on the email list to be notified when this title is released.

Chihuahuas Chasing Chickens


Volume III

Volume III of the series gives a nod to the hilarious story of a boardroom presentation being compared to a chicken yard that is stirred up by a chihuahua overflowing with bravado. Don't miss this and 20 other stories sure to bring a smile to your face and some thought-provoking insights to your quiet time.

As in the previous volumes, the Norman Rockwell vibe to the illustrations perfectly rounds out the experience.

Release anticipated in 2022. Get on the email list to be notified when this title is released.

Volume IV.png
Cookies and Curmudgeons


Volume IV

This volume is named for the heartwarming story of the complex--yet affectionate--relationship of a curmudgeon and her much-younger antagonist, and emphasizes the importance of granting respect for our elders. The curmudgeon had her barbs long before the author showed up with the monster snowblower notorious for breaking off sprinkler heads and chewing up newspapers. The dynamic is hilarious, and the relationship is very gratifying. 

The book contains 22 letters and stories along with the illustrations that make this series unique.

Release anticipated in 2022. Get on the email list to be notified when this title is released.

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