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Those darling tots featured in the books!

Anthony Arvin's creations are unique in the world. His style is unmistakable, distinguishing itself from the style of all artists, both living and dead. This gallery contains many of the images he created for the "Things I Want My Children to Know" book series.

It is our sincerest wish that you enjoy your visit to the gallery.

What people are saying


"If you ever get the chance to see the original pen and inks in person, you need to take the time and go. The children aren’t something you just look at, they are something you experience. It's stunning … just go."

"We see pictures that dazzle us all the time, so I was not expecting to be impressed. But it was captivating. I didn’t want to leave. It felt like we saw something profound. Or very significant. 

"You feel the children. You can see what they are thinking. This isn’t cute art. I kept circling back to look again. I was still feeling it for days after."

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