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Worth A Thousand Words


If you miss Andy Griffith, Paul Harvey, and Norman Rockwell, then

Worth a Thousand Words is for you.


This award-winning collection of porch stories and letters will have you reflecting, pondering, laughing out loud, and cheering in agreement. Anthony Arvin’s charm will steal your heart, and the amazing illustrations will simply move you.


Although set in the modern world, his masterful storytelling provides an “old school” escape to a time when the world was simpler, and when family, faith, and wisdom played a more prominent role in daily lives.


Worth a Thousand Words is the feel-good book of the season and makes an ideal gift. The perfect graduation gift! 

Give the gift of joy ... and of wisdom. For yourself and others.

Also available at most major online booksellers!
What people are saying


"I was expecting a light and fun read, and it is. But I was surprised to find how much depth is in these stories. For days I have had to go back and reread some because there is just more to soak in than I could absorb in one sitting."

"I got this for my mom. She can't stop talking about it. Even my dad was chuckling about the donkey story. He had a donkey when he was young, and he said that he can just relate.  Thank you for the delightful stories"

"I got my copy because my yoga instructor just raved about it. It isn't at all what I was expecting. It felt like I was young all over again. My children are in their forties and I'm getting copies for them. I"m keeping mine."

Hot off the drawing board!
Recent pen and ink illustrations created for "Things I want my children to know"
All images are copyrighted by Anthony Arvin 2020 and all rights reserved.
Sneak Peeks 
Excerpts from "Worth a Thousand Words"

Just a peek inside...

Quotes Worth A Thousand Words Gratitude.
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Worth a Thousand Words sample page
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Worth a Thousand Words sample page
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